Why Should You Become an Amazon Associate?

If you want to earn online, as well as providing a useful service for any visitors to your site, becoming an Amazon is one of the better methods. As one of the largest online retailers anywhere in the world, Amazon offers pretty much anything that you could want to buy, from books to laptops, and much more.

Chances are, no matter what topic your website or blog is about, you will be unable to supply every potential piece of information on the subject. Furthermore, if you are committed to providing your readers with the greatest service possible, you may have considered offering them with links to additional reading or an outlet where they may purchase books or things related to your page.

If you become an Amazon affiliate, you can use your website’s content to generate traffic to Amazon’s website and earn a handsome fee every time one of your visitors makes a purchase from Amazon.

You can customise the format of the links on your website to match the rest of the design, as well as whether you include a link to a page on Amazon where readers can buy a specific book to supplement the information you’re providing.

The great thing about the Amazon is that at the same time as you are helping your users to get easier access to the information that they want, through a link directly through to its source.

You are also being paid for your time and effort in creating the content in the first place. You can either choose to receive your payment in cash directly into your bank account, or alternatively, in the form of vouchers that you can spend on Amazon itself.

How much does the Amazon Affiliate pay?

Depending on how many recommendations you make for Amazon, you can earn anywhere from $100 to $20,000 on average through the Amazon Affiliate programme. The Amazon Affiliate programme works on a commision basis, which means you’ll earn a percentage of each sale.

The commision rate varies according to product category. For example, if you operate an automotive blog, you can make 4.50 percent on every sale. If you three $1,000 car parts in one day, you’ll make $135 from those three deals. You’d make $1,350 per month if you sold the same thing 30 times every month.


Although there are plenty of other similar affiliate available online, there are none which allow you to provide relevant links on such a wide range of subjects or to such a wide range of different products as the Amazon does.

And this, thanks to the ease with it can be implemented on your pages makes it the perfect choice for any user who wants to gain an source of revenue from their online efforts.

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