9 Ways to Make Money Online with Amazon in 2022

For the Newbies we will look at 9 Ways to Make Money Online with in 2022. has become a worldwide E-Commerce phenomenon. The online retailer receives over 2 billion visitors every month and expects to make close to $386 billion in net sales in 2020. Even Jeff Bezos, the former CEO of , could not have guessed this when he started selling books out of his garage in 1994.

is the most recognized and leading eCommerce hub, generating about $3.86 billion in revenue each year. The platform is well-known for providing people from all around the world with thousands of programs and operational opportunities. If you’re thinking about making money using Amazon, you’ve come to the perfect place. You, too, may find a perfect technique to bring home a large return without the additional setup and business fees with a few dedicated procedures and ideas.

How to Earn Money on

Try these approaches if you’ve been wondering how to make money on

1 – Sell private label products
Selling private label products is one of the most popular methods to generate money on . Using this strategy, you take a pre-existing item and customize it with your own branding and logos before selling it to customers. Private labeling is frequently referred to as brand building or white labeling.

This is something that a TON of stores do. You know all those store-brand items you see at your local supermarket? Yes, those are the same things as name brands, but also with the store’s name and emblem on them!

It’s a good model since you don’t have to manufacture any things yourself, yet you still get to brand them.

Now that you have the things, you must select HOW to market them.

There are two primary methods:

FBA \sFulfilment (FBA) is the most common way to sell, with 57% of sellers utilizing FBA to sell, 34% using both FBA and FBM, and only 9% using FBM alone.

With FBA, you or your supplier ship the products straight to ’s warehouse, and Amazon handles the rest, such as delivery.

2 – Experiment with online arbitrage.
Online arbitrage is next on the list. This is similar to retail arbitrage, but with one major difference.

Rather than purchasing products in-store from stores such as Walmart or TJ MAXX, you purchase reduced items online from sites such as eBay. Because you don’t have to drive to a bunch of different stores to try to discover amazing prices, online arbitrage can often work out better than retail arbitrage.

It can save you a significant amount of time and work. Instead, try online arbitrage!

3 – Experiment with retail arbitrage and generate money by flipping things.
Another alternative is to try retail arbitrage, which involves flipping store-bought things.

This is how it works:

You buy something on discount or as part of a package deal. For instance, it may be a pair of boots on sale for 30% off or a buy one, get one free bargain on makeup.
The item is then listed for sale at full price on Amazon. So you list the boots for their original price – let’s say they were $100 and you bought them for $70, so you up the price to $100.
When the item is sold, you benefit from the difference and recoup your initial investment.
Retail arbitrage is the process of purchasing products at a reduced cost and reselling them for a profit.

You can get bargains at places like:

The charity shop
The buck store
Any store’s clearance section
Marshall’s \sRoss
You should also keep an eye out for sales at any store. Also, don’t forget to look through the clearance section for bargains.

Retail arbitrage does require some work because you can spend the greater part of a day or weekend looking for items in retail stores just to come up empty-handed.

Still, many individuals begin selling on Amazon utilizing this strategy, so it’s probably worth a shot. Again, you have two options for selling the items: FBA or FBM, depending on which works best for you.

4 – Earn money as an Amazon Associates associate.
The Amazon Associates program is one of the most popular ways to generate money on Amazon. This is one of those ways to make money on Amazon that is ideal if you want to profit from selling things but don’t want to deal with the trouble of sourcing them yourself.

Yes, private labeling is beneficial, as is retail arbitrage. However, these techniques require you to discover things to sell and either choose FBA and have them shipped to Amazon so they can handle your inventory for you (which costs money) or choose FBM and handle everything yourself.

You can make money selling everything from Nikon cameras to pet food through the Amazon Associates program without ever having to source inventory or ship anything yourself.

Amazon Associates is a form of affiliate marketing. You earn a reward when people use your affiliate links to make purchases on Amazon.

You can share your links on sites like:

Social networking sites
Blogs \sWebsites \sNewsletters \sVideos
This means, as previously said, you won’t have to worry about finding inventory. This is not to say that you should not put in any effort. If no one sees your affiliate links, you will not make any sales.

So, in order to get people to view your links and make sales, you must market them online.

5 – Using KDP to publish books (Kindle Direct Publishing)
Have you ever considered making a fortune by selling your books on Amazon?

If you answered yes, this strategy will surely assist you in making significant income on Amazon. Amazon’s KDP or Amazon KDP allows users to publish their books without having to go through the tiresome publishing steps. Amazon allows you to publish your writing in both digital and print formats (hardshell or paperback). These options are useful for people who want to target and dominate a specific format, such as digital or print.

To make a lot of money, you need to write books that people want to read. Don’t forget to look at the most popular topics of all time. If you want to make a living from this strategy, you must be proficient in writing, have a basic understanding of plot construction, and be familiar with general book writing terminology. This strategy is ideal for authors or anyone who enjoy writing. You have a good possibility of success in the publishing game if you work hard and have some books on the platform. We urge that writers publish more than four books in order to make a significant profit.

Amazon also provides a variety of materials and third-party service providers to assist you with your publishing journey. Some services that can help you improve your draft and make it more profitable are:

Translation Resources Editorial Services
Paperback and eBook formats
eBook conversion and book cover design

6 – Using Amazon to sell wholesale goods
Selling wholesale goods on Amazon taps into a new industry where vendors conduct business on a B2B basis.

The entire wholesale business is purchasing and selling in huge amounts to other businesses. The absence of manufacturing and branding expenses is the primary source of cost savings in this strategy. As a result, sellers can make a lot of money even if they only get one order every day. Customers for Amazon business sellers include 55 different Fortune 100 firms.

Because of the favorable market conditions, several seasoned Amazon merchants have ventured into the wholesale game. This B2B marketplace offers fantastic, one-of-a-kind business capabilities that typical B2C merchants do not have. Sellers, for example, have the option of receiving quote requests, varying display quantity features, and diversity certification on your listing page. If you understand the intricacies of B2B selling, you may quickly sell a large quantity of goods and earn large profits.

Where can I buy wholesale goods?
You might have to perform a lot more research than necessary to discover a source for your wholesale goods. Because wholesale suppliers are typically located on different continents, communication can be difficult. The majority of wholesalers obtain their products from eCommerce sites such as Alibaba or Aliexpress. You can also contact the product owner directly, eliminating the need for a middleman. Aside from these sites, you may also contact the company directly through other trade exhibition directories. A physical search around your city can also be effective at times.

7 – Amazon is a great place to sell your private label products.
Selling your private label products on Amazon can be a profitable way to expand your business and earn a solid living as a seller.

Many sellers are getting on the private labeling bandwagon in order to decrease competition even further. To put it simply, creating a private label entails obtaining a generic product and then labeling it as your own.

The private label requires that the goods be registered as their own on Amazon. Even while launching a private label may appear to be a definite way to make money, the process can be time-consuming. Private label vendors cannot just import a product from Alibaba and sell it. However, there is a lot of possibility for development in this model because you may direct your manufacturer to make the item based on your demands or user feedback.

8 – Use Virtual Locations to find work from home opportunities.
If you’re searching for more traditional job than freelance or starting your own firm, such as with private labeling, take a look at Amazon’s Virtual Locations area.

You can locate virtual, work-from-home Amazon jobs here.

Work is accessible in a variety of categories, including:

Customer care
Design Marketing and Public Relations
Accounting and Finance
Administration of databases
Solutions architect for operations, IT, and support engineering
Management of fulfillment and operations
Account Management, Sales, and Advertising
creation of software
NON-TECH Project/Program/Product Management
Human Capital
Entrepreneurship and business development
Leadership education and training
Editorial, writing, and content administration
Administrative assistance
In the past, I’ve seen work-from-home opportunities such as:

Front-end engineer Customer solutions manager Software development engineer Front-end engineer Digital devices and Alexa support associate

9 – Get paid to shop at Amazon.com
Why not get paid to go shopping?

Amazon has many shopper jobs available, as well as flexible, part-time schedules!

You’ll be compensated to shop at Whole Foods as a Prime Now shopper. It is your responsibility to go shopping for things and then wrap them for one or two hour delivery.

This work is ideal if you want a flexible approach to earn money. Each week, you have the option of working flexible hours, which typically include mornings, nights, and weekends. You can work up to 20 hours per week or as little as four hours per month and choose from 4 to 5 hour shifts.

Because shifts change due to company needs, Amazon notifies you when new hours become available. You only work in the store and are not required to deliver groceries.


As you can see, Amazon provides a plethora of genuine ways to make money. To succeed in this job or business, you must put in work and effort. So, whichever option you choose, approach it like a genuine job or business, and before you know it, you’ll be making money as an Amazon entrepreneur.

I hope you enjoyed my article on 9 Ways to Make Money Online with Amazon in 2022.

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