9 Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins That Make Money in 2022

Lets look at 9 Affiliate WordPress Plugins That Make Money in 2022. Amazon Associates, Amazon’s affiliate network, allows you to insert in-text and display adverts on your pages and earn a reward when a visitor purchases an Amazon product using your unique affiliate link. However, if you do not use a specific WordPress plugin, you may overlook key analytics that might help you enhance your affiliate program.

We’ll go over all of the reasons why you need an Amazon Affiliate plugin if you’re a WordPress user and an Amazon affiliate in this post. The finest Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress websites will then be reviewed.

Why would you want to utilize an ?

Amazon Associates is the most popular program for several reasons: Amazon is a trusted and omnipresent brand in the online space; checkout is nearly rapid for existing account holders, and Amazon’s product quantity and diversity are unparalleled. Overall, it’s a great way to generate passive money while also increasing the earning potential of your WordPress website or blog.

Though Amazon’s affiliate program provides extensive support, the scheme is not without its drawbacks. As you add more affiliate links to your site, it will become more difficult to manage the quantity of links and the cash generated by each one.

You’ll require the following skills as an experienced Amazon associate:

Within the WordPress admin interface, there is a more convenient way to incorporate links into your pages.
A method for organizing and reviewing all affiliate links on your website.
Product displays can be customized.
Shorter, cleaner affiliate URLs that do not contain a long string of tracking code.
A reporting tool for tracking the number of clicks and money made from each link.

If you encounter any of these issues, do yourself a favor and install an for your website. This type of WordPress plugin will allow you to see how much money each link earns for you and will save you time that you would otherwise spend reviewing and putting each individual link.

WordPress Plugins for Amazon Affiliate

Best for: Showing products with affiliate links in a variety of forms.

Try AAWP if you’re looking for a premium plugin to handle your Amazon affiliate links (). It’s a market leader that offers an all-in-one solution for placing and tracking affiliate links on your WordPress site.

AAWP allows you to include affiliate links in a variety of methods, including hypertext links inside your content, boxes that can be customized in terms of product description and price display, and comparison tables for two or more products.

All display elements are visually adjustable, mobile-responsive (including support for Google Accelerated Mobile Pages), and instantly updated when the product listing on Amazon.com changes. Shortcodes allow you to rapidly put affiliate link modules at any area.

2 – WZone
Best for: Displaying Amazon affiliate products on a WooCommerce site with ease.

WordPress store owners might think about using the WZone plugin (formerly known as WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates) on their sites. This plugin is designed to integrate Amazon affiliate links into WooCommerce-powered websites.

WZone essentially allows you to select products from Amazon.com and present them as WooCommerce products. Visitors to your site can view these products as they would on any other WooCommerce site, but when they are ready to buy, they are directed to Amazon (through your affiliate link, of course).

WZone uses Amazon’s API to keep WooCommerce listings up to date for you, and it can automatically position products in your store based on keywords you choose.

A normal WZone license costs $49 for a one-time purchase. There is also a free version, albeit it has far less functionality and does not include plugin updates.

3 – ThirstyAffiliates
Cloaking Amazon affiliate links is ideal.

ThirstyAffiliates is a freemium WordPress plugin that includes tools for managing affiliate links – even the free edition provides a lot of value. You may cloak your Amazon affiliate URLs with your domain name and custom slug for free, removing the query string from the end of your links and making them appear more trustworthy to users. ThirstyAffiliates uncloaks some links automatically to meet with Amazon Associate’s requirements.

The free version also allows for quick and easy manual connection. ThirstyAffiliates allows you to search the Amazon catalog from within your WordPress dashboard, find your desired product, and link to it. The success of these affiliate links can then be tracked via the reporting dashboard, which provides some basic performance data.

A premium subscription includes more detailed stats reporting, Google Analytics connection, and, perhaps most importantly, auto-linking: ThirstyAffiliates will scan your material for keywords and automatically install appropriate links. If you’re concerned about the higher price, you can get a 14-day refund.

4 – Lasso Ideal for: Earning affiliate commissions on a blog

Lasso is a blogging tool that allows you to simply manage your affiliate links, create product displays, and improve your affiliate income.

Lasso differs from other affiliate link plugins in that it is designed to assist you in discovering new affiliate link chances. Lasso detects every time a keyword appears on your site. Then, in your dashboard, you may toggle a button to select which instances to link to.

Lasso will also notify you if a crucial link is broken or out of stock. You can simply monitor and manage links to goods across your whole site with Lasso’s link index. For example, if you want to change a product’s link from Amazon to Walmart across your website, you simply need to do it once.

5 – Simple Affiliate Links
Best for: low-cost affiliate link cloaking and management

While Easy Affiliate Links is less popular than the other choices we’ve discussed thus far, it is a viable option for managing affiliate links, including those from Amazon Associates.

You may use this plugin to conceal your affiliate links, edit them with a WYSIWYG editor, categorize them for easier indexing and searching, and import affiliate links from an XML file. It also allows you to track all clicks on your site on a monthly or lifetime basis, allowing you to assess the efficiency of your affiliate link strategy. Easy Affiliate Links keeps track of each link’s monthly clicks.

This plugin is free, but a premium extension for $29 provides a built-in reporting dashboard, more link click analytics, link targeting features, and an auto-checker for broken links.

6 – Lovely Links
Cloaking and redirecting affiliate links are the best applications.

Pretty Links is a.n domain name that redirects them either momentarily (through a 302 or 307) or permanently (via a 301 redirect). Pretty Links can produce randomized shortened slugs for any link, or you may set your own unique slug to make your link look cleaner and more trustworthy.

Pretty Links, like the other alternatives listed, tracks and reports on clicks on your links through your WordPress admin panel. Link monitoring can be filtered by the number of hits per link or the number of unique clicks per link.

Pretty Links provides all of the aforementioned services for free. You can get more redirect types, integration with Google Analytics, automatic affiliate link generation, and link classification for easy management if you switch to a premium subscription, which starts at $49 per year.

7 – AzonPress
Best for: Customizing product layouts and affiliate links.

AzonPress, like AAWP, allows WordPress users to effortlessly embed Amazon affiliate links in the form of text links, customized box displays, and comparison tables on their web pages. It also has a reporting dashboard for tracking link performance and earnings over time.

AzonPress, on the other hand, is less expensive than AAWP, starting at $39 per year for one domain. Alternatively, you can pay $149 for a lifetime license. Consider using the 14-day money-back guarantee to evaluate these possibilities for yourself.

8 – Amazon Link Engine Excellent for: Displaying affiliate links on sites with a global audience.

The free Amazon Link Engine plugin converts all Amazon affiliate in-text links that appear on your site into localized links. It’s ideal for WordPress sites that get a lot of international traffic.

When an international consumer visits your website, Amazon Link Engine recognizes their location and redirects them to the most appropriate Amazon product page for them. This increases sales and improves user experience. Link restructuring applies to both current Amazon affiliate links and new Amazon affiliate links.

While some other Amazon affiliate plugins provide comparable geolocation technology, Amazon Link Engine is powered by Geniuslink, an unique localization engine that eliminates frequent issues such as redirecting consumers to blank sites or out-of-stock items.

9 – AdRotate
Best for: Managing advertisements and affiliate links in a single location.

With the AdRotate plugin, you can manage all of your advertisements and affiliate campaigns — from Amazon Affiliates to Yahoo! ads and many more — from a single dashboard. These links and campaigns can be placed anywhere on your website. Clicks can also be tracked and click-through rates calculated.

Keeping Track of Your Affiliate Links
The structure and purpose of your site will determine how you incorporate your affiliate links. More text-based affiliate links may help your site, or you may decide that display boxes and/or comparison tables are a better option. You could even create a “shop” section on your website and fill it with affiliate links.

The correct WordPress plugin will dramatically improve your site’s monetization efforts and effortlessly present relevant products in front of your users, regardless of how you opt to place links. It’s called passive income for a reason: you shouldn’t have to put in too much effort!

I hope you enjoyed my article on 9 Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins That Make Money in 2022.

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