8 Tips To Sell Your Own Products on Amazon

Do you want to learn ? The initial step is to connect Amazon and Shopify. Shopify is an authorised Amazon partner, allowing you to sell your on Amazon. You can increase your revenue by using Amazon as an additional sales channel.

This post will teach you how to start selling on Amazon and why you should list your there. You’ll also learn a few for increasing your Amazon sales. We’ll also dispel common misconceptions about selling on Amazon for novices.

Why Should You Sell on Amazon?

1 – It is the most important internet sales channel

Amazon is an internet retailer’s most important sales channel. With over 1.9 million active Amazon sellers, the site is a force to be reckoned with.

Customers will be directed to the best-selling items on Amazon first. It’s no surprise that 89 percent of them choose to shop from Amazon over other ecommerce sites. The enormous internet marketplace stocks millions of across multiple categories.

Don’t be put off by the amount of competition you may face. Selling on Amazon allows you to be where your clients are. Allow your competitors to take all of your prospective sales.

2 – Additional stream of revenue

The main reason you should learn how to sell things on Amazon is to have a second source of income. When it comes to selling on Amazon, you should be where your customers are.

Create Facebook advertising to reach out to your consumers if they are on Facebook. If your customers enjoy reading and learning about your industry, start a blog so they can easily find you. If your customers purchase on Amazon, you should sell on Amazon as well. Selling on the marketplace will allow you to increase your sales and possibly connect with new clients.

3 – Reliable brand

Amazon is a well-known and reputable brand. Amazon was established in 1994. As a result, it has over 24 years of relationship and trust building experience. Customers may feel more secure buying from Amazon than your business if your store lacks brand recognition due to its newness.

Selling items on Amazon through your own store allows you to establish a strong brand image and reputation. And by selling on Amazon, you can gain access to buyers who are less risk hesitant.

8 Steps to Becoming an Amazon Seller

1 – Select What to Sell on Amazon

The first step in learning how to sell on Amazon is deciding what to sell. You can acquire product ideas by looking at our highlighted retailers.

Thousands of in various categories are available on the site. Examine the things provided to gain ideas for what you can offer on Amazon’s marketplace.

2 -Does your shop meet all of the requirements?

To become an Amazon seller, you must complete all conditions and guarantee that your are not limited.

Baby items, books, pet supplies, toys and games are all good places to start an Amazon store. You can find more qualifying stores here. If your specialisation is not listed, you must ask for permission.

Amazon also has forbidden such as hoverboards, explosives, and firearms, so avoid selling anything that is restricted by Amazon.

3 – Establish a professional seller account

If you already have a Shopify store, you’ll most certainly require a professional Amazon account.

Every time you sell a product on the individual selling plan, a.99 cent Amazon listing cost is added, which eats away at your margins, especially when combined with other Amazon fees.

A professional plan includes a $39.99 monthly subscription cost as well as a few category-related fees with a professional seller account.

To register, go to Amazon Seller Central and enter your name, email address, and password.

4 – Request category permission

When you’re ready to sell on Amazon, you’ll need to apply for category approval. Some categories require Amazon’s approval before they can be added.

Clothing and accessories, shoes, handbags and sunglasses, and jewellery are all popular categories that require permission before sale.

Examine the approval standards for each category to identify your next steps.

5 – Link your Shopify account to your Amazon account

Connect your Amazon seller account to your Shopify account once it has been approved by Amazon. Look for the + button besides Sales Channels on the left navigation of the Shopify dashboard and click on it.

6 – Create Product Listings

Amazon is included under the sales channel. Click it, then select the Create Listing option.

After that, you should select Select Product. There will be two possibilities from which to choose. As a private label vendor, select the lower option ‘This product is manufactured by another brand.’

By selecting this option, you will be able to browse for AliExpress and become an additional seller. After you’ve found the product you want to sell, click Select. Finally, press the Publish button. And then repeat for each item.

7 – Simplify Your Inventory

When selling products on Amazon, effective inventory management is critical to success. It is critical to maintain a healthy product inventory level for both direct customers and those purchasing through the marketplace.

Your inventory levels will begin to fall as you get orders on Amazon, so make sure to update your stock to reflect the current product availability on your Amazon listing.

8 – Send Traffic to the Amazon Store

Knowing how to advertise items is the most critical aspect of learning how to sell things on Amazon. There are numerous methods for promoting your Amazon products.


Becoming an Amazon seller can help you generate extra money for your business while also gaining access to new clients you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Your initial focus for selling things on Amazon should be on obtaining product reviews in order to develop social proof and trust. Utilize the email lists, social media following, advertising services, and Amazon affiliates available to you. Protected by Copyscape

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